Audio Services

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Play it again, Sam

Tracking, Editing, and Mixing


Any form of audio recording is possible at Sound Pure Studios (or at your specific recording location, see location-recording details). Utilizing a variety of our acoustically treated rooms and other parts of our large facility also wired for microphone inputs, our extensive library of the best modern microphones available in the world, and our extensive preamp, compressor, and EQ collection makes tracking the finest possible audio quality easily attainable. Truly world-class recording capability exists in the hands of our experienced engineers working in this incredible studio. Whether you wish to track your entire project and finish it here, track only a part of it, or track your project and take it elsewhere to mix/master, we are at your service, and can work with you any way that you prefer.

Audio Editing

Our Studios are equipped with an array of excellent software tools above and beyond the already extraordinarily well equipped Pro Tools HD rigs in both our A and B control rooms. Additionally, we have a video editing suite, and other areas of our facility capable of tackling your editing requirements, and in some cases, depending on your needs, at reduced prices. We can handle note-by-note edits on classical music, comping and auto-tuning of vocals, and other types of individual instruments, or simply cleaning up your tracks such as editing a drum or bass part, or alternatively replacing certain instruments. The editing process is a logical step between tracking and mixing, and is often necessary. You can bring your project to Sound Pure Studios for our editing expertise and high-end tools, or we can edit your tracks as a logical part of our full suite of production services.



Whether your demands are analog or digital, we have a mixing solution right for every kind of music or other audio project. We also do mixing for film, video, TV, radio spots, etc. We are equipped with exceptional analog and digital options, and with an array of the finest outboard equalizers and compressors available at any price, as well as the speed and ease of working with our unbelievable vast plug-in collection, our engineers have the ability to take your project to the next level. Whether you prefer to work in the quaint environment of our Studio B control room or in our massive Studio A control room, where the entire group of artists may be present, our engineers (or a mixing engineer of your choosing) will have all of the finest tools available to him to take your project to the next level.

CD Duplication

Sound Pure has the capability to made limited runs of CD-Rs and DVDs in-house, though we do require some advance notice to verify the quantity and precise needs for you. Additionally, Sound Pure can manage and outsource an unlimited quantity of discs using one of our affiliate duplication partners, or can simply produce you the finished master, ready for duplication.

Now serving: polish on a platter

Studio Mastering Services and CD/DVD Duplication


The term “mastering” is commonly misused, misunderstood, and misquoted. Mastering can and does mean a variety of things. The simple explanation is that it means taking a mixed recording and making it polished and ready for whatever medium it is designed to land on. This could be CD, DVD, MP3, YouTube, Television, Radio, etc. And, the process will differ slightly depending on the medium where you intend for your project to land.

While Sound Pure is not a specialized mastering-house, many of the necessary mastering processes can and do happen here. We have some of the greatest outboard analog mastering EQ’s and compressors available on the market, as well as one of the largest possible arrays of digital tools and plug-ins for endless automation, restoration, and whatever other processing will be needed for your project. We also possess the professional tools designed to produce compliant CD and DVD masters. The level of quality of our digital and analog tools do rival some of the top mastering facilities, and though we do not focus nor specialize in mastering, we can produce high quality results at very reasonable costs.

 In some cases, however, where a higher budget is available, mastering at one of our affiliate purpose-built mastering studios is preferred, and of course you can always take it to any studio of your choosing. Sound Pure does have a short list of preferred mastering studios and respective engineers who continue to produce consistently high quality work for us, and who we consider to be operating at the top of their game. Because Sound Pure’s affiliate mastering houses do typically charge substantially more than Sound Pure for this work (since our mastering rates are the same as our overall studio rates), Sound Pure may present you with a less expensive but nevertheless good alternative for mastering your project.

While mastering is typically a service that we offer to in-house to our tracking/mixing studio clients, mastering is also available for those outside clients who are looking to improve on their finished, un-mastered mix, and produce a reliable and compliant source CD ready for mass-duplication at a lower cost than at a purpose-built mastering studio with a named engineer. We gladly welcome inquiries and questions about mastering, and whether or not you have the budget or need to have your project mastered in-house, or at one of our affiliate mastering studios.

Mics! Camera! Action!

Film Scoring, Sound Effects, Overdubs, and Voiceovers

Film Scoring, Sound Effects

In additional to tracking music, we can also record sound effects, and sync’d music for film. The same principles of studio design and state-of-the-art tools apply equally well whether we are recording sound effects, orchestra, or rock, or whether the work is for CD, MP3, or Film/Video/TV. We have worked on music and sounds for hit TV shows with multi-million viewers, and will do our best to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.


Overdubs and Voiceovers

Looking to do some small tracking of voice, or other instruments where you simply cannot compromise on sound quality, and want to put it in the hands of one of the finest sounding studios on the East Coast, then consider Sound Pure no matter how big or small your studio needs might be. While we are capable of handling large full-scale productions, we also can handle small overdubs, voiceovers, etc. at an extremely reasonable price, all the while still managing to utilize the extraordinary acoustics and equipment available to you at Sound Pure Studios.

If the mountain won’t come to the studio…

On-Location Audio and HD-Video Recording

(“Remote Recording”)

While the Sound Pure Studios represents some of the finest studio acoustics available, some performances such as recitals, live concerts, organ concerts, choral and orchestral location performances, etc. simply can not utilize the benefits of a purpose-built recording studio. For these recordings, Sound Pure possesses remote-recording equipment that can be brought onto your specified location to record your performance in a space of your choosing.

The Sound Pure Studios array of fine microphones and other external audio recording equipment, as well as our video cameras, lights, etc. may be brought onto a remote location to achieve your desired recording, be it audio, video, or both. Our array of fine equipment and one or more of our talented engineers will do our best to make your recording the best it can be, regardless of the location that you choose.

We highly recommend discussing the pros and cons of the venue and recording approach that you are interested in pursuing with one of our seasoned experts, so that we may help you achieve the best possible results for your budget.